Things I Do To Keep Myself Healthy

Even though I am a very busy working mother, my health is still one of my top priorities. If I am not healthy, then I cannot be a good wife, mother or employee. I also want to live a long life. There are several things that I do to keep myself healthy. I start my day off with a nutritious breakfast. Even when I am racing out the door to get my kids to school and myself to work, I always manage to eat breakfast. If I do not eat breakfast, then I will not have the energy to get through my day.

I also make sure that I move a lot throughout the day. I don’t always have the time to get to the gym, but I find simple ways to get activity into my day. For example, I walk around my office a couple of times during my break. Additionally, I also make time for a thai massage Edinburgh every month.

25. March 2014 by Horace
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Ehh, What Did You Say?

Huh and what did you say seemed like the only things my grandfather would say to me when I went over for a visit. The television was usually cranked so high you’d think a teenage boy lived there instead of a elderly gentleman. It also seemed like my grandmother was always outside working in her garden when I came over as well. For years I though that it was because she really enjoyed gardening, until she finally told me that neither her or my grandfather were fond of vegetables, she just needed something to do that would get her out of the house and away from all the noise. She’d tried to talk to my grandfather about hearing aids Altrincham, but he said that they made him feel old. I kind of wondered how he felt about running his wife out of the house, but I’m not bold enough to ask him.

23. March 2014 by Horace
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Get Off The Couch and Get Moving

One of the best exercises for a complete workout is running. Running helps to give the entire body a workout and is an exercise routine you can easily fall in love with. Working with a personal trainer Bristol is the best way to get started so you do not get frustrated and overwhelmed at the start. Setting goals of minutes and not miles is how you gain the confidence to keep pushing forward.

Running in local charitable events is a great way to fall in love with running. You get the rush of excitement as the fans cheer you on to the finish line, and you make new friends with runners who are more interested in helping each other than competing to finish first. Put on your headset with some of your favorite songs to get your blood pumping and to help push you through the initial pain and motivate you to reach new goals.

11. March 2014 by Horace
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Like Yoga Without the Work!

I like yoga and I like massages so my friend Emily suggested a thai massage Newcastle as a birthday gift. Emily said to dress like I would for yoga and that I would be keeping my clothes on during the massage. When I arrived, my therapist introduced herself and explained just how this type of massage works. She would manipulate my body into different poses while using pressure to massage. Instead of a massage table, I would lie on a mat.

My therapist explained each pose in a soothing voice. I allowed her skillful hands and rhythmic pressure to do the work for me. The passivity gave my mind more opportunity to be calm and focused.

When my session was over, I was as energized as if I’d practiced yoga, but my mind was more relaxed. Emily’s gift is defintely one of the best presents I have ever received.

03. February 2014 by Horace
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Rake the Bunker

Just imagine having the luck of a great game this morning and you are taking the lead. The golf course is full and the skills of your peers today are not good. The shot is clean and the ball falls into place, the stakes go up to your advantage and the momentum is at the maximum.

You prepare for your next shot, club in hand watching as the ball rises over the green grass but you cannot believe your eyes when the ball lands on a sand obstacle.
This is quite frustrating especially when you’re winning the game, you have been punished and it is not easy to bring the ball out a silica sand bunker.

Always remember that golf courses are full of sand everywhere and by practicing sand shots will make you win the game if you ever land your shot in a sand obstacle next time you play.

15. January 2014 by Horace
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